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Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
is the city’s most flexible and versatile large-scale venue

The facilities and services are designed to cater to diverse events and highly specialized demands.
All in all, with exhibition areas, stage, auditorium, various conference halls and almost 30 different room
set-ups - we can make sure you have exactly the facility that best matches your needs.
We are also at hand to provide you with the best services in terms of everything
from technology and rigging, from security to food and beverage.

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The center comprises 14,000 m2 of fully equipped meeting facilities with various capacity. It features exhibition facilities with daylight.

The flexible foyer areas add up to 3.000 m2 of possibilities. Take a closer look at our flexible facilities
by exploring our interactive floor plans.

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the waterfront experience

We are dedicated to a level of service that will ensure
your event is out of the ordinary.

It's not just about having the most spectacular venue at your disposal. At Stockholm Waterfront
Congress Centre we are dedicated to a level of service that will ensure your event is out of the
ordinary.  Whether you are using our in-house team, a preferred partner or providers of services
contracted exclusively for you - the industry's best expertise is at your disposal.

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is cash free. We will only accept cards. Better for the environment, increased safety and easy handling.


Discover high-tech solutions at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre that has been designed and built to provide maximum flexibility.

Hight-tech solutions mean that our 14,000 m2 of floor space can be easily converted in a multitude of ways to suit the needs of any event imaginable.

The building is an architectural masterpiece – dominated by steel, glass and several types of specially formulated types of concrete. Walls, ceilings and even our stage can be moved, sectioned off or raised. What’s more, state-of-the art solutions in terms of lighting, communications and A/V are built into the facility.


Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre
is greener than green


The glass façades are 1,040 m2 solar collectors that on average gather 1 MW of heat energy on a daily basis. This is equivalent to 90,000 normal low energy bulbs.


The building is cooled by water drawn from the lake which is stored in 250 tonne of ice tanks in the basement. What's more - a large part of material reused from the building previously occupying the site.


The world-class energy solution was designed to cut CO2 emissions and minimize impact on the environment and climate change. This approach has ensured that Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is one of the most energy efficient buildings in the world.


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